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Olivehorse were delighted to both sponsor and present at the first DDMRP event of its kind in the UK earlier this month with our DDMRP software partner Demand Driven Technologies.

Our DDMRP Practice Lead, Jonathon Vaiksaar, delivered a keynote presentation outlining the success of the DDMRP methodology and Replenishment+ software at Unilever North America. In between talks from Carol Ptak, partner at the Demand Driven Institute, our Olivehorse DDMRP team had the opportunity to answer questions and show delegates the cloud based Replenishment+ system.

One of the key messages from Olivehorse was showing on our internal demonstration systems how we can integrate the DDMRP methodology with SAP APO technology - a real win for those SAP customers with APO already installed. Olivehorse, as both a SAP partner and holding the status of SAP® Recognized Expertise in Suppy Chain Management, has done a huge amount of work on this recently and have an end to end solution for APO users in this space.

The DDMRP methodology is gaining momentum and delivering huge benefits to those companies who have adopted it.

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