Download Demand Driven MRP vs MRP Simulation Tool

Discover the difference between Demand Driven MRP and conventional MRP by using your own data and environment in this tool.


Let the data speak for itself. 
Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) is a proven methodology which decouple lead-times, delivering increased material availability whilst reducing working capital. This is achieved by using strategically placed inventory buffers which then satisfy only true demand without the input (and therefore error) of forecasts. 

This simulation visually shows the advantages DDMRP brings in comparison to MRP when using the same inputs. Generic findings are not enough to provide relevant, game-changing insights to grow your company. Discover the real benefits DDMRP could bring to your organisation with this tool by inserting your own data.

Through setting the service level target, the optimisation of buffers and correct ADU logic are identified while achieving the lowest inventory.